Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beige and Cream

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Lambskin Leather Studded Jacket in Cream- Forever 21 (Similar)
Sparkle Knitted Dress- American Eagle 
Jeffrey Campbell Starburst Ankle Boots- See This Post

So I've been no the search for the perfect leather studded jacket for a while now...
I have seen tons that I love, but they are always in faux leather (nothing against that, I just prefer a real leather one).  However, all the real leather ones run up to $200-300 on sites like ASOS or TopShop.  

This one, which is my all time favorite, is from Zara and runs up to $400 on ebay since it is sold out.

Anyways, soapbox aside, one day I was scrolling through Forever21 (one of my favorite stores ever) when I came across a similar jacket. IN GENUINE LAMBSKIN LEATHER.  ON. SALE.  

Imagine the heart attack I had.

Originally, it was priced at $150, but it was marked down to $75. 
Honey, I would buy that jacket for $150, much less $75!

And when it finally arrived, it was every I had dreamed of.  Perfect, soft leather, perfect length.  

Unfortunately for everyone else, it was sold out a couple weeks later, but I did manage to find a similar style in a faux leather if you so choose to get one. (which you totally should because everyone needs a studded jacket in their closet for when you're feeling badass.)

The dress was from American Eagle when they were having a holiday sale or something, I love it because for once, it's not a short dress!  And it's sparkly!  Yup, it's pretty perfect!

Until next time!

Wing :D

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