Saturday, August 31, 2013


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Scathingly Brilliant Dress- Modcloth
Heels- Gianni Bini
Floral Crown- Made by Me :)

My first post after a long hiatus!

I went to Hong Kong for two months over the summer!
And during that time, I chopped off my hair and dyed it several times!
It was a blue teal for a while, and then I decided that I wanted purple, which faded in like, two days.

Since my hair was already bleached, it made it very easy to dye.
When I came back, I mixed some Manic Panic hair dye together (Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze) and this was the result! (faded after a couple of weeks)

Anyways, last week, Modcloth, one of my favourite online boutiques, was having a 70% off sale!
And being the sale-loving person that I am, how could I resist?
I bought several items from the sale and this was probably my favourite!
The material was amazing and it fitted me like a glove!

I hope to be able to post more soon!

Have a nice day~
Wing :D

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